Bringing social clarity to your newsroom

We provide actionable intelligence to publishers who want to optimise their editorial decision-making.

  • Social Clarity – real-time audience insight

    Your audience may have different priorities than you anticipated. A glance at reveals what content is resonating with your audience, allowing you to produce, reposition or promote your content optimally.

    By tracking your stories as they flow through social media platforms, we provide a view into your content based on audience engagement. Think of it as a version of your frontpage prioritized by your audience.

    This information can be displayed in 30 minute, one day, one week or thirty day views, allowing you to capture the zeitgeist or take a longer term look at social engagement with your content.

  • Competitor Analysis – don’t get left behind

    With a view that encompasses the entire news landscape, we’ll tell you exactly which stories are gaining traction across the sites that you care about.

    There are hundreds of stories across tens of sites that may be of interest to you on any given day. We track and rank these so you don’t have to. Our dashboard allows you to quickly see stories that are taking off across different news sites and to tune your own publishing to take advantage of audience interest.

    Our dashboard gives you the information you need to allocate precious resources, allowing you to produce, reposition or promote your content optimally.

  • Story flow – charting the life of a story

    We chart the life of every story we track. With a click you can quickly drill down into details of when stories started spiking and leveling out, and how that activity looked on different social networks.

    The story flow in begins when we first see it. We then regularly poll information from different social media platforms to track how that story grows in the social space over time.

    We use this data to calculate how quickly stories rise and fall, relative to other stories on you have published as well as across the broader news landscape.

  • New insights – drill back over time is being engineered for serendipity. We collect hundreds of millions of data-points per month that tracks the interaction between the public and news stories.

    Using you can mine this rich data set. Our point and click interface allows you to easily analyse a set of data over up to thirty days, allowing you to surface insight into which types of content perform well with audiences.

    Through our graphical interface you can quickly identify outliers, top performers and content clusters. Once you’ve discovered trends on your own site, you can then toggle on data from your peers to see how you stack up against your peers. This data will give you the power to make informed improvements to your own processes and allow you to optimize social media engagement.

  • Heads up display – real-time data streaming

    Sometimes working in the newsroom feels like you’re in racecar. We provide you with a quick overview of how many tweets about your content are zipping about in real time.

    About to break a big story? Starting a new campaign? Or just testing the best time to publish tweets? Open up and watch the impact as it unfolds.

    With real-time data streaming you can also move beyond simple metrics such as how many followers your competitors have – you can watch how they perform stacked against you at a moment in time.

  • Term time – surfacing what's topical

    We constantly update what topics and terms are getting the most engagement across news sites and provide you with the topics that are resonating with news audiences.

    Drill down into topic data to see which sites are publishing content related to hot topics and find related stories.

    Using our dashboard you can analyse topics to see what should be covered or use the data to improve headline writing.

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About provides actionable intelligence to publishers and editors who want to optimise their editorial decision-making. By tracking social engagement with the news we provide real-time insight into what stories are resonating with audiences – both on your website and across the web.

Our dashboard gives editors insights into what content they should be producing, repositioning or promoting. extracts the signal from the noise to bring social clarity to your newsroom.

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